Tokyo Deli Express’s menu has many diverse, fascinating and delicious dishes prepared by Japaneses experts in accordance with the taste Japaneses cuisine. The menu is periodically added and changed to introduce more traditional Japaneses dishes.​



Though Japanese food has been presented in Vietnam for a relatively long period of time, nowadays, many people still think that is a luxurious demand only for Japanese people and the ‘higher class’.

Tokyo Deli Express was established with the ambition to change that thought. We would like to introduce true Japanese cuisine to many types of customers, Especially Vietnamese Customers, simultaneously, make the demand for Japanese food a popular desire on a regular basis.


With the growing demand of Vietnamese consumers both in terms of food quality and food hygiene and safety, Tokyo Deli Express aims to build the leading professional Japanese restaurant chain in Vietnam, according to Japanese standards. ensure to bring customers the best quality service.

One of the dish that makes the brand of Tokyo Deli Express is salmon. Salmon is considered one of the superfoods that can help enhance skin health. Salmon meat contains a lot of Omega-3, which is the only nutrient that can be absorbed through the diet because our bodies cannot create them. So eating salmon daily helps supplement nutrition, good for health.



Packaging ensures food hygiene and safety.

In compliance with technical standards/food safety regulations.

Applying the food safety standards throughout all processes from importing materials to cooking & service, as well as supported by material production and support system worldwide, Tokyo Deli Express commits to provide consumers with safe, healthy food.

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